Compiling question: VS2015

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Compiling question: VS2015

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I use VS2015 for my compiles.
I am unable to use VS2017/9 because I can not afford them, and they do not work with my setup.
Both of them break my desktop and many other things.
This is because I have my W7 modded to be as close to 2K/XP as I can make it, the entire W7 desktop is a steaming pile of censored words in my personal opinion, which is part of why I use explorer++ in the first place.

I do not, and never will, have any M$ accounts, which includes so much as a W10 install anywhere on my lan.
This means I can not use the community versions of either, even if they would work with my system.

I also do not have git, nuget, vcpkg or any other automagic updateware installed.
This is on purpose, and no, I will not be installing any of them.

I keep many versions of many libraries, and need to for my work.
A lot of stuff I work with requires specific versions or builds.
It eats a LOT! of disk space, especially stuff like boost.
A few dozen GB here, a few dozen there, eventually it adds up.

I have been trying to compile commit 1306 with VS2015 using target SDK 8.1 because I do not have SDK 10 installed.
I would prefer to not install the SDK 10, but I realize I may have to.
My fear is telemetry or telemetry calls built into the SDK, I can not afford that.
The WIL library is giving me fits, and addbookmarksdialog.cpp crashes cl.exe during compile.

Is there a trick to getting it to compile with WIL, or SDK 8.1, or do I need to trim WIL out?


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