Restart Explorer++

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Restart Explorer++

Post by Jokovich »

Hello everyone!
Just installed Explorer++ on my laptop with windows 10. As I explore the various features and etc., it would be nice to be able to get back to square one and have Explorer++ open up without any of the changes made. Tried unzipping a new copy and replacing the entire folder but that didn't work. I'm looking to have it start up fresh so I can start customizing anew. How can I do that?routerlogin
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Re: Restart Explorer++

Post by Expplusplusman »

Assuming you're using the portable version (is there any other?) then that should work.
Try renaming the 'old' folder something, extract the zip file into a new folder and use that.

EDIT: Did you have any command line options on the desktop shortcut?

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Re: Restart Explorer++

Post by I153_Chaika »

That's strange, it should have worked, that's how I came back to a "clean" build successfully after running into a couple issues.

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