Default "Open in Explorer++" in Explorer context menu

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Default "Open in Explorer++" in Explorer context menu

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I tried to uninstall explorer++_1.3.5_x64 but items remain someplace in Registry. When I open context menu in Windows File Explorer (WFE), I still see "Open in Explorer++" as default item (top option).

I tried reinstalling explorer++_1.3.5_x64 with the intention of changing the setting for allowing Explorer++ to replace WFE and then I would have uninstalled Explorer++ again. But, when I double-click on any installation file such as explorer++_1.3.5_x64.exe, Windows launches WFE. Then WFE just hangs (endless progress circle).

Please tell me where in the registry is the key for default "Open in".

I saw in a message by tallguy297 on March 20, 2020 at viewtopic.php?p=6068#p6068 who said the following comment:
There are 2 registry entries created. The first is in "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Folder\shell". To change back to Explorer, change the default key to "explore" The second is in "HKCU\Software\Explorer++". This has all the settings for Explorer++ which includes layout, bookmarks etc.
In my registry, Explorer++ is not mentioned in:

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I did see it in:

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and I deleted that key, but I still see "Open in Explorer++" at the top of the context menu when I right-click an executable file in Windows File Explorer.

Please tell me how to eliminate Explorer++ from my registry and replace it with plain vanilla Windows File Explorer.

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64x Win10 Pro v2004

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