1.4 Display weirdness in Win 8.1

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1.4 Display weirdness in Win 8.1

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Been using Explorer++ forever. Delighted it is being worked on again. been using 1.3.5 for years.
I run under Win 8.1x64 and after install of I had to do some slight fiddling in the registry as the install script doesn't seem perfect, but not a big deal. Simply added my xml file from the earlier version and that seems to work perfectly.
The result is everything seems to run properly and, for the first time ever the replace native Explorer seems to work almost perfectly.
Using an Elecom trackball that has settings to invoke Explorer via a key, no way to easily tell how it's calling this but the Explorer++ completely replace option does work...with one weirdness.

When I open the app via a shortcut I get exactly the theme I expect (see shortcut.png). When it is opened via mouse button or Win+e I get Mouse button or Win+e.png...a partial dark theme which matches absolutely nothing whatever on my computer. I didn't even believe you could create such a hybrid outside of the program settings. The only Customize settings are the defaults for compressed and encrypted and are not turned on. Checking via Task manager all instances appear to be running from C:\Windows\Explorer++. I am baffled...any clue where it's picking up a dark theme just for the tree and file boxes ???
Mouse button or Win+e.PNG
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