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Crashing with "create new tab"

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:34 am
by Edgar5
It may not be fair to ask for help on this here…
I have modified 1.3.5 extensively for use by those who are unable to use a keyboard or mouse. One user is reporting a 100% repeatable crash anytime he tries to create a new tab; his report is: "The app crashed using Actions/NewTab (from the menu bar) and right-click-duplicate-tab (on a tab)." The only thing "special" that I can see about his Windows 10 machine is that it is part of/on a network. Needless to say, no one else is reporting this problem and he does not have the time/patience/energy to do extensive debugging.

In attempting to figure this out, I'm wondering… I think myself, and every other user (except the reporter) of my E++ version, has installed David’s version 1.3.5 before installing my version. At this time mine does not have any kind of installer; one just downloads and unzips the standalone application and puts it in any folder from which Windows will allow it to run. All of my beta testers build the application with Microsoft Visuals Studio 2017 but I have installed it on my Surface Pro tablet and my ex-wife’s laptop by following the above download/unzip formula but without extensive testing on either. Here's my question… Does David’s installer install any external DLLs necessary for complete functionality?