Great but not there yet...

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Great but not there yet...

Postby ShadowTek » Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:35 am

Hi, I love this program, its is almost better then windows explorer in every way (Win 7 64), but there is one basic ability that makes it a game breaker from replacing the standard explorer. Without the ability to set default views per folder it simply is not ready to replace the default explorer. Ive seen a ton of posts here asking about this, but haven't seen a answer to it.

Thanks for the great program and hard work and making it free!! but until it can do the simple function of setting default view for different folders, a ability I simply cannot live without, I cannot replace the standard explorer, something I really want to do. I'm sure it might be added in the future, and when it is, you can bet I will immediately get rid of the default explorer.

Great work so far!!

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