Favorites / Drives / Quick Access as panel not just toolbar

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Favorites / Drives / Quick Access as panel not just toolbar

Post by djsilver » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:01 am

Love many of the features in Explorer++ and would like to switch over but the inability to set 1-click shortcuts in a panel form is stopping me as that behavior is such a useful feature to me.

See the "Quick Access" panel on the left from the following screenshot:

The "Quick Access" panel provides a great blend in that it shows some recent folders that have been opened, but it also lets you pin folders and rearrange their order. I detest the Explorer++ favorites bar across the top of the window because my mouse cursor almost never goes there, and it is so much easier to read down a list than across a bar. I can also have a long, scrollable list of shortcuts in a window panel which can show more items at the same time, is more effecient than a bar when showing text labels, and it's easier to scroll down than the Explorer++ method of having to go all the way to the right of the favorites toolbar and click the expansion arrow which then creates the bettor list-style presentation.

Please make the "favorites" be a panel that you can put on the left side of the window, or even re-arrange/float. Notepad++ does this exact thing with the Doc Switcher and Function List and it is clearly a superior method for presenting file/folder shortcuts. In fact, implimenting the panels like Notepad++ would be flawless!

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Re: Favorites / Drives / Quick Access as panel not just toolbar

Post by rjc » Wed May 23, 2018 3:39 am

I just downloaded Explorer++ and it looks like a great replacement for Windows Explorer. However, I also make extreme use of the Quick Access feature, so I need some alternative that works in a similar way. If it were possible to create folders in the Favorites toolbar and then put favorites in those, that would solve the problem for me. That's exactly how I organize bookmarks in Firefox. In fact, that would probably be an improvement over Quick Access since the one thing that annoys me about that feature is that fact that I have to scroll the folder list to see the QA links - I'd really prefer them to be two separate things.

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