Open folders in new tab

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Open folders in new tab

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Hi, when I double click a folder on my desktop. Explorer++ opens in a new window and I cannot carry the tab to my existing Explorer++ window. Is there any way to make the default value to "open in tab" instead new window. The reason I use this explorer++ is to use tabs and get rid of windows clutter on my desktop.

Btw, thanks for this greates program! It saved lots of time and effort for me!

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Re: Open folders in new tab

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I up-vote this request. It would be great if the default (or configurable) behaviour of Explorer++ is to open in new tab if there is already an instance of the application running.

For instance using the Run ([Win]+[R]) command to open a folder now always opens a new instance of Explorer++, rather than opening the folder in a new tab in currently running instance.

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio with Team Foundation; and when opening local folders through this application I end up having just as many instances of Explorer++ windows as I would using normal Explorer.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

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