Added 5 new issues to Github project

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Added 5 new issues to Github project

Post by GHL1 » Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:49 am

Hi all,

I added 5 new issues to the Github project
All are reproducable in Windows 10 to which I recently switched.

These issues are about:

[] Date format using "Yesterday" and "Today"
[] Toolbar icon for Command Shell (cmd) not functional
[] Latest compiled build on Github opens with DLL language mismatch message
[] Date format used is hh:mm instead of formerly hh:mm:ss
[1.3.+] Font used in Explorer++ seems somehow blurry

I hope, David will be able to take care of them, as I immensely appreciate the Explorer++ and his work on it !

I have been using Explorer++ for many years on Windows 7 and my motif was the pain caused by Microsoft, when introducing this terrible file explorer with Windows 7.
In an attempt to ease my pain I tried out 10 of the most recommended file explorers for Windows 7, when I found the Explorer++, which outperformed all of them in terms of user interface, logical and intuitive user experience, decent feature richness, while not overwhelming and confusing the user with hundreds of (rarely used) features.

This is one more opportunity to saying THANK YOU, David, for this magnificent work.

May the Explorer++ also become as good on Windows 10 as it had been on Windows 7 !

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