Issue with Explorer++ x64

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Issue with Explorer++ x64

Post by garson » Fri Aug 30, 2019 11:20 pm

Hello David.
I've been using latest stable Explorer++ (1.3.5 x64) for some time (in portable mode), on Windows 10 x64 and couple of days ago I've upgrade to latest dev version ( x64).
I am using it as explorer replacement.
There's issue with opening shortcuts to drives. I have shortcut to D: drive and latest explorer++ ( x64) is opening but going to default new tab folder (This PC).
Same issue is happening on Windows 7 x64.
Latest stable 1.3.5 x64 doesn't have this issue.
This can be reproduced from cmd, for example:
start d:
which should open explorer++ in D drive.
On the other hand, if I type in cmd:
start %APPDATA%
this works fine and opens C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming

Also opening this from cmd:
"C:\Program Files\explorer++\Explorer++.exe" "d:"
works as expected (opens D drive).

If I create shortcut to some dir (for example C:\Windows), it works fine. This also works:
start c:\Windows

So looks like issue is just with opening root of drives.

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Re: Issue with Explorer++ x64

Post by garson » Fri Oct 25, 2019 8:14 am

Looks like this isn't resolved yet.
So I tried several previous versions and looks like doesn't have this issue, and next one ( has it.
This is what was added/changed in that version.
Use CLI11 to parse command line options
This has a few advantages over the previous manual approach:

- The option parsing is handled by the library, so it doesn't need to be
done manually.
- More detailed help usage is now shown when passing the -h/--help flag.
Information about each of the available options is shown.
- Options can be marked as mutually exclusive. This is done with the
--remove_as_default and --set_as_default flags, for example.
- Options can be passed in in windows style (e.g. /help).
- Although not used at the moment, the library also offers other
features, such as the ability to validate and transform input values.
Something here broke this functionality.

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