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Modified permission on parent folder

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:14 am
by david_taillandier

Tested with Explorer++ v1.3.5.531 and v1.4.0.1748 on Microsoft Windows Server 2019 up to date.

We have this folders tree:
------ services
------------ management
------------ production
------------ whatever
------ people
------------ monica
------------ john
------------ whatever

parent folder (services or people):
  • inheritance disabled
    system = full control
    administrators = full control
    users = read and execute for the current folder only

child folder:
  • system = full control (inherited)
    administrators = full control (inherited)
    users = nothing, because the permissions are only for the parent folder
    whatever-user or whatever-group = whatever permissions (tested with read and execute, or modify, or full control)

When child folder is deleted using Explorer++, the parent's folder permissions for "users" are gone. So Explorer++ modify parent's folder permissions.
The standard explorer does not exhibit the same behaviour.