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Incorrect Organizational Structure

Posted: Mon May 10, 2021 2:24 pm
by Fatalem
I have it set to group items by date modified, descending and this is how it organized my files. No order whatsoever. I just now downloaded this because I'm sick of Windows strong arming me into using Explorer exactly the way they made it with no customization options whatsoever but it looks like this is pretty early in development still, yet the changelogs show dates from like 10 years ago lol. Is it not being developed anymore? That said, I am a programmer myself, if it is open source I can take a look and possibly do some work on it to implement some features I was after myself since that was what I was planning to do on my own before I found this anyway. Not to mention some of the basic functionality it still needs to be able to keep up with what is already available in the standard Explorer, such as being able to sort and group items at the same time in separate categories. But probably not if it's been abandoned entirely by the creator.