Current dev builds will not "run as another user"

Found a bug or something that needs fixing?
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Current dev builds will not "run as another user"

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The most current dev build will not "run as another user". This is either via using shift right-click then specifying the username\password or alternatively running say command prompt as that user and trying to execute the app. Using the version 1.3.5 works. In both tests using 64bit.
Here is output from command prompt, with crash details for 1.4.01838 and then 1.3.5 executing correctly with no errors.


D:\Explorer++>Could not convert: --application-crashed = 15772,15932,0x0,000,007,F99,17B,360,93E5AAF3-4557-4D2E-9825-FD99B5E3510E
Run with --help for more information.

D:\Explorer++>cd ..

D:\>cd Downloads

D:\Downloads>cd "explorer++_1.3.5_x64"



Note some previous version of 1.4.x was working though. I do not know when the bug was introduced.

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