Explorer++ version 1.0 RC now available

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Explorer++ version 1.0 RC now available

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Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce today that the release candidate for version 1.0 of Explorer++ is now available.

I know some people have been wondering about the longer release time, so I thought I would briefly explain the reason behind it. I'm currently in my last year (and final semester) of university, studying engineering/computer science. Although I've tended to stop work on Explorer++ throughout semester in earlier years, the past few months been particularly bad in terms of workload, and I just haven't been able to devote as much time to Explorer++ as I would have liked.

But, back on topic :) The new version contains various new features as well as numerous bug fixes. I'd like to thank everyone who has continued to send me bug reports and feature requests over the last few months; they have been of great help. If you have a particular feature you requested that is not in this release, I apologize; occassionally I have to drop features due to time constraints.

One such feature was the ability to customise the details shown on the display window. I mentioned this a few times in the forum as been part of this release. Unfortunately, while the underlaying framework is in place, I decided that completely designing a user interface around it and testing it would simply take too long. It will be back in a future release though. Requested features that I haven't had the time to implement in this release will also appear in a future release.

One of the major goals I had in working on this version was to improve the overall usability. I've made a much more concerted effort to ensure a better user experience and smooth out some of the quirks that have spread throughout the program. This includes things such as centering dialogs and saving their state, ensuring everything works as it's supposed to, and generally adding a degree of polish.

The executable for this version can be downloaded below. If you do make use of it, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with feedback on any bugs you come across or just general thoughts. Part of the reason I decided to release this test verion before a final release in this instance was because of the longer development time and my desire to fix any major bugs before an actual release.

Finally, just note that as this is a release candidate, it may contain bugs, and has not undergone extensive testing.



Download Explorer++ 1.0 RC 32-bit
Download Explorer++ 1.0 RC 64-bit

Changelog for version 1.0 RC:
New features:
- It is now possible to search for files using Tools->Search.
- Custom coloring rules can now be applied to the listview (i.e. an items text color can be set based on its filename and/or attributes).
- Items can now be dragged using the right mouse button.
- Tiles view now shows basic file information.
- New tabs can now be created by double clicking in the blank space to the right of the last tab.
- Explorer++ can now be restricted to only running one instance by deselecting 'Allow multiple instances' in the options dialog.
- 'Large Icons' and 'Extra Large Icons' view modes added (vista and later).
- It is now possible to browse through tabs by moving the mouse over the tab window, and scrolling with the mouse wheel.
- Various media metadata columns added (Album, Duration, Composer, etc).
- Columns can now be rearranged by dragging and dropping them in place.
- Folder sizes are now included when sorting by size.
- Universal file paths can now be copied by selecting File->Copy Universal File Paths.
- System files can now be hidden by selecting 'Hide protected operating system files' within the options dialog.
- The link (.lnk) file extension can now be hidden by selecting 'Always hide the link (.lnk) extension'.
- Single click activation mode can now be used by selecting 'Single-click to open an item (point to select)' in the options dialog.
- Zip files may be opened externally by deselecting 'Handle zip files' within the options dialog.
- All tabs can now be forced to have the same width by selecting 'Force all tabs to have the same width' in the options dialog.
- Double clicking a tab will now close it (provided 'Double click to close a tab' is selected in the options dialog).
- In rename mode, F2 will now cycle between selecting an items filename, extension and filename and extension.
- In rename mode, tab will now select the next item and place it into rename mode.
- Application toolbar buttons can now have their names hidden (so that only the icon is visible on the toolbar).
- Right-clicking on the folder icon in the display window will now show the context menu for the selected files (or the normal right-click menu if no items are selected).
- Ctrl+Scroll will now cycle through each of the view modes within the listview.
- Ctrl+Pg Up and Ctrl+Pg Down as well as Ctrl+] and Ctrl+[ can now be used to select the previous and next tabs, respectively.
- Alt+double click will now show an items properties.

Bug fixes:
- When creating a file/folder in details mode, the item would be selected, but immediately taken out of rename mode. Fixed.
- Improved listview grouping.
- Improved drag and drop item repositioning.
- Fixed 'Open In New Tab' treeview bug.
- File->Set file attributes now works for the treeview as well.
- Folders with a total size greater than 4GB would have their size shown incorrectly when the 'Show folder sizes' option was enabled.
- The icon modifier shown when dragging and dropping now matches the action that will take place when the item is dropped.
- Previously, if file was been pasted into a tab, and the directory of that tab was changed, the files would continue to be added. Fixed.
- When creating a new tab, its directory would not always be monitored. Fixed.
- The 'Open new tabs next to the current one' option was not been correctly read back from the registry, causing it to lose its value between sessions. Fixed.
- The bookmarks toolbar would not be updated when a bookmark was renamed. Fixed.
- Fixed double click bug.
- When switching folders, the column header in details view was not been updated.
- When entering a folder with an ampersand (&) in its name, the ampersand would be incorrectly translated into an underscore. Fixed.
- Fixed new menu bug.
- Improved mass rename dialog.

- Explorer++ will now save a minidump file in the event of a crash. This file is saved to %TEMP%.
- Explorer++ can now be set as the default file manager by using the command:
explorer++.exe -set_as_default
- Explorer++ can now be removed as the default file manager by using the command:
explorer++.exe -remove_as_default
- Most dialogs are now centered initially, and will save various state information when closed.
- Options dialog partially redesigned.
- Columns (in details view) are no longer resized automatically when changing folders or refreshing.
- Seperate 'Group By' menu added, as appears in Vista onwards.
- If a files name is only partially shown within the listview, it will be added to the files infotip.
- There is now a confirmation dialog shown when deleting an application button.
- Various new details shown on display window.
- Previews on the display window will not be shown if the display window is inactive.
- Ctrl+R can now be used to refresh a folder.
- Ctrl+L can now be used to select the address bar.
- Ctrl+E can now be used to duplicate a tab.
- Left click drag and drop is now cancelled when the user clicks the right mouse button.
- Tools > Show drive information removed.

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