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Explorer++ version 1.1 now available

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New features in this version include the ability to replace Windows Explorer for all folders (only for Vista and Windows 7), and the ability to go up one level by double clicking in a tabs whitespace.

The major changes for this release, however, centre around drag & drop. For example, it is now possible to drag and drop attachments from a program such as Outlook, as well as drop text from the address bar of a web browser. Both the listview and treeview now make use of the same drag and & drop code (the copy and paste system also uses this code), meaning the listview and treeview will both support the same drop formats. These formats will also be supported via copy and paste.

There have also been a few important changes to the treeview. For instance, icons are gathered in a background thread, which should reduce load times slightly. Furthermore, all treeview items are now sorted correctly. Even though items now have to be sorted, there shouldn't be any performance hit. Expanding the C:\Windows\winsxs folder in the treeview (which has ~10,000 folders in my system) takes about ~3 seconds.

As to the next version, there's no definite feature list yet, but I will be adding a few Windows 7 specific features. Each tab will have it's own thumbnail preview, as with Windows Explorer. I almost got it working yesterday in the dev version, so it could appear in the nightly build within the next few days ;) There'll probably also be a few other taskbar enhancements.

Finally, many thanks to Viracocha, who submitted several patches that were incorporated into this release.

Download links for version 1.1 appear below, along with the complete list of changes for this version.


Download Explorer++ 1.1 32-bit
Download Explorer++ 1.1 64-bit

Changelog for version 1.1:
New features:
- Explorer++ can now replace Windows Explorer for all folders (Vista and later only).
- New drag and drop type supported (this will now allow files to be dropped from Outlook and url's from a web browser's address bar).
- Column widths are now saved and restored for all tabs.
- Added 'Save Column Layout as Default' under the 'View' menu which will save the current tabs column layout as the default.
- Items in the treeview can now be dragged and dropped using right click.
- Folder sizes can now be disabled on removable and network drives.
- The privilege level can now be shown in the title bar by 'Show privilege level in title bar' in the Options dialog.
- The extended right click menu is now shown when shift is held down and an item is right-clicked.
- Locked tabs now display a lock icon, rather than the normal folder icon.
- Double clicking in a tabs whitespace will now navigate to the parent folder.
- Middle click can now be used to open items in the treeview in a new tab.
- Middle click can now be used to open items on the bookmarks toolbar in a new tab.
- Middle click can now be used to open items on the drives toolbar in a new tab.

Bug fixes:
- All items in the treeview are now sorted corerctly.
- Icons for the treeview are now gathered in a background thread.
- Icon overlays are now shown in the treeview.
- When .lnk extensions were hidden, and a file with the .lnk extension was renamed, it would lose its extension. Fixed.
- When items were renamed, no icon overlay would be set. Fixed.
- Under certain conditions (for example, when .lnk extensions were hidden in Windows Explorer), and a file of that type was renamed, its extension would be hidden in details view in the 'Name' column. Fixed.
- When the system font size for menus was changed, the custom menus would be sized incorrectly. Fixed.
- When the treeview had focus, the file action buttons on the main toolbar (cut, copy, past, delete, etc) would be incorrectly disabled. Fixed.
- When a tab was locked (lock tab and address), it would not be possible to open a new tab. Fixed.
- Fixed toolbar bug.
- Fixed search bug.
- Fixed drives toolbar issue.

- Explorer++ will now only load translation DLL's that match the version of the main executable.
- Updated About dialog and image.
- Added menu image for Edit->Paste Shortcut.
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