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Explorer++ version 1.2 now available

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Major changes for this version include several Windows 7 specific features, such as per-tab taskbar thumbnails, and a 'New Tab' jump list task. As with the previous version, there have also been some significant improvements to drag & drop. These improvements include both a wide range of bug fixes, as well as some new functionality. One example of this new functionality is the ability to copy and paste/drag & drop text and images into Explorer++ directly.

On a different note, I've started work on rebuilding this website, and hope to have the new version up within the next week or two. I've already started writing a FAQ, and hope to include a wiki of some sort. I'll also be adding a dedicated nightly build page, that will show more detailed information about each nightly build. Similarly, a dedicated translations page will show comprehensive information on each of the translations that's available. If you have any suggestions regarding the site, feel free to post them in the forum.

Finally, thanks to everyone that has continued to suggest features and report bugs. I may not be able to implement your suggestion or fix any bugs you report immediately, but I immensely appreciate the feedback. A big thanks also to those people who provide feedback on the nightly builds.

Download links for version 1.2 appear below, along with the complete list of changes for this version.


Download Explorer++ 1.2 32-bit
Download Explorer++ 1.2 64-bit

Changelog for version 1.2:
New features:
- Taskbar thumbnails are now shown for each tab in Windows 7 (this can be turned on/off by toggling 'Show taskbar thumbnails' in the Options dialog).
- 'New Tab' added to Tasks jump list in Windows 7.
- Numerous improvements to drag and drop/copy and paste.
- Text on the clipboard can now be pasted as a file. The file will be given a name of the form:
Clipboard Text ([datetime]).txt.
This also applies to drag and drop.
- Images on the clipboard can now be pasted as a file. The file will be given a name of the form:
Clipboard Image ([datetime]).bmp.
This also applies to drag and drop.
- The contents of the address bar can now be dragged and dropped.
- Large toolbar icons added.
- Files can now be dropped onto existing application toolbar buttons. This will open the dropped files in that application.
- 'Automatically synchronize treeview with main pane' option added; this setting controls whether or not the treeview will automatically stay in sync with the listview whilst browsing.
- 'Automatically expand nodes on selection' option added; if this setting is enabled treeview nodes will automatically expand when they are selected.
- Shift+Mousewheel down and shift+mousewheel up can now be used to browse backwards and forwards, respectively.
- The tab bar can now be hidden when there is only one tab.
- The tab bar can now be shown at the bottom of the listview.
- A navigation sound is now played when entering a folder.
- The current folder is now selected when navigating up.
- Listview groups can now be collapsed (Vista and later).
- Listview checkboxes can now be turned on by selecting 'Use check boxes to select items' in the Options dialog.
- Closing the last tab will now close the main window (provided the corresponding option is selected in the Options dialog).
- Items can now be rearranged in details view.
- It is now possible to show file sizes in one of: Bytes/KB/MB/GB/TB/PB.
- Ctrl+Backspace can now be used to browse to the root of a tab.
- Shift+Double Click will now open the selected folder in a new window.
- "Desktop", "Pictures", "Music", "Videos" and "Documents" are all now valid address bar shortcuts.

Bug fixes:
- Several dialogs weren't closing when Escape was pressed. Fixed.
- Fixed 'Copy Universal File Paths' bug.
- Previously, if 'Hide file extensions' was checked, the display names of both files and folders would be altered. Fixed so that only files names are altered.
- When 'Single-click to open an item' was selected, navigation up would occur on a single click, instead of a double click. Fixed.
- Fixed directory modification bug.
- Fixed set file attributes dialog bug (file dates weren't been saved correctly).
- Fixed treeview rename bug (child items not updated).
- Fixed treeview sort bug.
- Fixed toolbar positioning bug.
- Fixed custom infotips bug.

- All settings are now saved to the registry (or XML file) when 'Ok' or 'Apply' is clicked in the Options dialog.
- The treeview no longer syncs with network/UNC paths.
- Copied data now remains on the clipboard after Explorer++ exits.
- Search dialog now turns patterns of the form '???' into '*???*' before searching.
- Main window now obeys startup position information (e.g. minimized/maximized, etc).
- Wildcard select/deselect is now case insensitive.
- Can now scroll listview/treeview, even when it does not have focus.
- The options dialog is now modeless.
- Handle zip files set to false by default.

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