Explorer++ version 1.3.1 now available

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Explorer++ version 1.3.1 now available

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This is a minor release, with only a few changes from version 1.3. Central to this release is the fact that the help file can now be launched from the help menu. The file itself is now also available on the download page. A massive thanks to Allen, who has been working on the help file for over a year now.

Just to give a quick overview of things are progressing with the new bookmarks functionality (which you can check out in the nightly build):
- Bookmarks aren't currently been saved/loaded, and you can't open them, which unfortunately means they're not of much practical use right now.
- The add bookmark dialog is complete.
- The bookmarks toolbar is complete.
- The manage bookmarks dialog has had a large amount of work put into it, but still has a fair way to go.
- Inter-process bookmark notifications are now partially working. It's a big step forward, as it means that bookmark information will now be shared between E++ processes. So, creating a bookmark in one process should mean that it's available in all other running processes.

Download links and the changelog for version 1.3.1 appear below.

Download Explorer++ 1.3.1 32-bit
Download Explorer++ 1.3.1 64-bit

Changelog for version 1.3.1:
New features:
- The sort mode and direction are now saved in the search dialog.

Bug fixes:
- The image in the about dialog would not be shown when a translation was loaded. Fixed.

- The help file (if present) can now be launched from the Help|Help menu. It must be named "Explorer++ Help.chm" and be in the same folder as the Explorer++ executable.
- Updated 'Always hide the link (.lnk) extension' option to read 'Hide the link (.lnk) extension'.

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