Folder size column fix, if anyone wants it.

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Folder size column fix, if anyone wants it.

Post by Janus »

This program is great, it and a few other I use on a daily basis enabled me to avoid the insanity that is the linux desktop.
I have been using it since I had to move to Win7.
The explorer built in does not deserve to be called a file explorer, it is basically useless.
I won't discuss my opinion of M$'s GUI choices starting with Vista, since accuracy would be at best impolite.
I use classic shell to bring things most of the way abck to the Win2K style desktop that just worked.
I also use 7+ taskbar tweaker and Network activity indicator (To give me back my lan lights), along with Ztw, Notepad++ and others.

My biggest gripe is that explorer++ crashes a lot when accessing my LAN, and shows none of the control panel stuff.
However, one of my other just plain annoying gripes with this program has been its search feature, and the folder size column.

I also use void tools Everything as well.
I just got working replacing the column for folder size with an Everything search instead. (Courtesy of the Everything SDK)
Now as long Everything has it, I get folder sizes as fast as if I were using Everything directly.
No more waiting while the HDD thrashes, instead it is just a memory search.
It pegs the CPU, but it is doing a lot of searching, and I may be able to reduce that later.

This is in the alpha stage, but it works, and has all but stopped the random crashes.
The best part is it shows the size of shares on the network as well.
No LAN searching needed, Everything supplies it all.
Go to a server, and the size of each share just fills itself in.

I am not a real C/C++ programmer, so if it is popular enough to rate inclusion, someone else will have to format and make the code match the rest.

My next step is going to be making it fall back to a normal recursive search if Everything is not available, or has no index to offer.
After that I am going to try adding a file count column to the folders section.

If anyone is interested, let me know.
I can send my code as it currently is.

It replaces the procedure

HRESULT CalculateFolderSize(TCHAR *szPath, int *nFolders, int *nFiles, PULARGE_INTEGER lTotalFolderSize)

in FolderSize.cpp in the helper subproject.


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