Almost completely font sensitive…

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Almost completely font sensitive…

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1) I rearranged the menus little bit and changed one of the strings ("Change Display Window Colors" moved out of the View menu into the Tools menu and changed its name to "Change Display Panel Details" to reflect that it also had a font picker).

2) The main toolbar derives its font from the user's specified system menu font.

3) The address bar is font sensitive (but for the life of me I can't figure out how to change the font for the word "Address").

4) The address bar's "Go" button is becoming aware of the height of the address bar (but that's not finished).

5) The Drives toolbar is font sensitive and the icons are also becoming aware of the toolbar's right (also not finished).

6) The tab control's height which was #defined to a static value (#define TAB_WINDOW_HEIGHT 24) is now a dynamic variable.

7) The Options dialog has changed quite a bit; I only present the Default Settings tab here and only note the addition of a new button: "Default application font…" (the case has been changed to title case: Default Application Font). I have rearranged the accelerator keys on this (and one other) tab to be more mnemonic.

8 & 8a) I changed the title of the Display Window colors dialog and throughout the user interface I have changed the name of the Display Window and call it Display Panel for the user (I have not changed the variable names in the code… yet <grin>).

9) I added an extra line with a bit of descriptive text.
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