Enabling Treeview synchronization

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Enabling Treeview synchronization

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I recently created a thread in bug reports regarding Synchronize Treeview not working for UNC and mapped network paths.


Instead of waiting around for answers (when it was clear that this feature has been disabled in builds for quite a while), I thought "this shouldn't be hard to enable again." And it wasn't (and it seems to work great on the Win10 machines I'm using), but that didn't help should some installations still want to preserve the current suppression of network path treeview synchronization.

So I enabled that function and added a option to suppress network path synchronization to the treeview dialog as shown in the png attachment:
Revised dialog box
Revised dialog box
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To do this I've modified the 6/23 Git master code files. I've attached the 8 changed files needed to compile this addition to the basic operation, the registry and the XML portable configuration files. The modified files are attached in a 7z file. I've mode no attempt to adjust the help files to support this change at this time. (I thought that I'd wait to see if this seems like a good function addition.)
Revised files
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