Explorer++ Tango style

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Explorer++ Tango style

Post by TheFlipside »

Hey there,

I came across your program and I love it.
I also love the tango project and customized my whole system in that style, so in the last days I was working on replacing the default icons within Explorer++ with Tango icons and this is the outcome:


If anyone likes this he can contact me, I will simply attach the replaced files so maybe the creator could even implement it into the program so it sort of has two skins in the settings you can choose of.

Edit: If anyone is interested and wants to try this out I'll upload the Explorer++.exe i modified, the only changes are the bitmaps inside.

EDIT2: I realized i misplaced the "back" and "forward" buttons, shame on me. When a new program version gets released I will redo my work and it will be fixed.

Explorer++ in tango style - part2 of RAR
(136.03 KiB) Downloaded 449 times
Explorer++ in tango style - part1 of RAR
(146.48 KiB) Downloaded 469 times
The detailed bitmap files which replace the default ones.
(17.65 KiB) Downloaded 451 times

David Erceg
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Re: Explorer++ Tango style

Post by David Erceg »

Nice work :) I'll definitely have to look into the Tango project, and see if I can get some sort of skin/themes feature set up.

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Re: Explorer++ Tango style

Post by MXX »

David: Great idea to add a skin option to Explorer ++!

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