Icon overlays not refreshing in left pane

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Icon overlays not refreshing in left pane

Post by HansBKK » Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:55 pm

I use TortoiseGit and TortoiseSVN, which use icon overlays to show the status of my working directories relative to the "upstream" repository.

After an update/commit/reversion whatever, changing that status, the icons in the "detail" right-hand side pane update fine, practically realtime. However the left hand "navigation" pane doesn't, even after a fairly decent wait. Hitting "refresh", switching to other tabs etc doesn't help, only exiting Explorer++ completely and re-starting it shows the updated status icons in the left pane.

Win7 native explorer used to also sometimes shows a bit of a delay but more recently both panes update pretty much real-time - not sure if this is due to OS fixes via Windows Update, or changes to the Tortoise code, which I also keep pretty up to date.

I'm not sure of the mechanism Tortoise uses for this icon overlay feature; if this problem is specific to their software only, this probably isn't worth fixing, as its only a minor annoyance and an edge case. But if they use a generic system-level library, then this is also likely to impact other users and if not to difficult to fix, would be a good improvement.

Thanks. . .

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