1.3.5 stable + latest 1.4beta

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1.3.5 stable + latest 1.4beta

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hi there,

when searching [platform win 10] for a file (or folder) sometimes 'phantom' & 'rudimentary' results are displayed

it holds for both, 1.35 stable & the most recent 1.4 beta version [downloaded as we speak]

it looks like this :

neither rudimentary name nor path to that object somehow show up if selected

a search with other tools, eg XYplorer, did not yield any such results nor anymore than the ones listed properly above the rudimentary ones

besides : a bad idea, methinks, and it does in deed feel clumsy, when the search & results window is kept above/in-front of the files-list-window

it would be nice if one could select/focus, freely

apart from that, hard to grasp why most windows apps do not allow for any and all of their app-windows to be minimized as the user sees fit

thanks a lot,
explorer++ is nice, fast and yet, on me, never crashing utility *cheers*

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